Friday, 19 March 2010

Rooney's no World Beater

I’m afraid to break it you but Wayne Rooney is just not that good. I think talk of him winning the FIFA World Player of the Year award is ridiculous.

The fact is it is a World Cup year and The English Fans are being blinded by superlatives being thrown at Rooney by the English press. He is simply being bigged up in to something he clearly is not.

When he first burst on to the scene people claimed he was the next Gazza, but soon they realized he just not that creative and those comparisons were quickly dropped. To be frank his first touch is poor. You may think I'm being harsh but the next time you watch him play count how many times in the game he 'world classily' brings the ball. It will be about once out of ten.

To be World Player of the Year is some accolade. One I don’t think he deserves. He wouldn’t' even make my top 5. My top 5 would look like this:

1. Lionel Messi
2. Cristiano Ronaldo
3. Kaka
4. Xavi Hernandez
5. Anders Iniesta

All of those 5 are more creative, have a better touch and control and ooze class which Rooney lacks.

Yet people argue Rooney is the 'best'. But if we compare career stats between Rooney and Messi there is a clear, clear winner.

Messi v Rooney

22 AGE 24
198 GAMES 353
111 GOALS 146

Messi-vely better than Rooney: Lionel is World's Best

Also who scored the goal that clinched lasts season Champions League Final between Manchester United and Barcelona? Messi.

Today people bang on about his new heading ability. This has only come about due to the fact that Alex Ferguson, who is no mug, has realised he is just is not that good. So Fergie's had to convert him in to a mini Alan Shearer to get the best out of his limited ability. And let’s face it Shearer was a top Premier League striker, but was never anywhere near winning World Player of the Year.

Ask Fegie who would he rather have in his team, Cristiano Ronaldo or Rooney? His answer would definitely be Ronaldo.

The fact Rooney is already 24 and this is the first season he has broken the 20 league goals barrier shows how average he is. I can’t even remember Rooney scoring outside the box this year.

There you have it, I hate to break it to you, but Wayne Rooney is simply not that good.

Disagree with me? If so why do you believe Rooney is a world beater? Who are your top five players in the world?

Loss of Beckham no big deal

Let’s be honest the loss of David Beckham from the England squad this summer is not that much of a big deal. Undoubtedly it is sad to see a professional footballer who has had such a distinguished playing career be robbed of the opportunity to play in one final World Cup.

However, realistically in Fabio Capello's right wing pecking order Beckham is behind Aaron Lennon, Theo Walcott and Shaun Wright-Phillips. Admittedly Lennon and Walcott have had injury problems all season but if they manage to prove they're fully fitted they offer the one thing that Beckham lacks; pace. This is the one attribute that Capello clearly wants from his right winger as none of the other obvious starters (Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard and Barry) have lighting quick speed. In my opinion Capello's first choice would be Theo Walcott.

Theo the future: In my opinon a fully fit Walcott would be Capello's number one choice.

There is also the obvious fact that David Beckham has not been a world beater for a number of years. As his days at Real Madrid were drawing to a close the man himself probably realised on the inside that he was no longer the player he once was which is why he went chasing the American dream in Los Angeles.

Another reason Beckham's injury is not a serious blow is the fact even during his flirtation back in the big time at AC Milan he was not a regular starter for the Italian giants. This would have seriously counted against him even being in the squad as Fabio Cappello has made it clear that players must be getting regular first team football with their clubs.

Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker also believes the loss of Beckham is not the end of the word.

Some fans may argue that Beckham's experience would have been priceless to the squad. I disagree, what extra 'experience' has he got to offer over the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard? Answer: Not a lot.

I actually believed that the absence of Beckham in the squad would actually have been a a blessing in disguise as it would have removed the 'Beckham media circus' away from the team's preparations allowing the squad to prepare in peace. However, Fabio Cappello Announced on Friday that Beckham would travel with the squad regardless. A decision I disagree with.

So in reality a sad way for a nice guy to end his career, but England's chances have not been harmed by it.

Do you disagree with me? Do you think the loss of Beckham will hurt England? Would he have made the squad anyway?


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